Le Mobile

For more than 50 years, Le Mobile has been recognized as one of the heavyweights in the remote mobile recording industry. Recording, Mixing, CD, DVD 5.1 Surround, Motion Picture Soundtracks, Live Broadcast, Webcast or Television Special…



At the heart of Le Mobile lies the legendary, impeccably maintained, Neve 8058…a console that the most discerning sound connoisseurs will fully appreciate. It is a console that sets us apart from the competition.  In addition, we have an extraordinarily comprehensive suite of outboard gear combined with Dual Protools using Apogee converter.  Therefore, however diverse your recording project might be, at Le Mobile we can meet this challenge with not only ease but with great passion, professionalism and artistry.

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If you think Le Mobile is just a remote truck, Think again


Don’t compare us with any other mobile sound unit.

Compare us with the best studio you know.