There are certain people whose stories might go untold unless they are forced to speak. But a quiet and unassuming nature belies the experience that lies within one of this generation’s truly gifted engineers. Ian’s story is as unique as the remote recording studio he has spent most of his life working in. By the age of five (at a time when most kids were playing at the park or hanging out at the ice rink), Ian was obsessed with one thing: learning everything he could about recording music from his father, Guy Charbonneau, founder of the legendary Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio. For some reason, the fast paced world of recording music live just “clicked” and from then on it didn’t take long for this passion to translate into helping his father record major festivals such as The Montreal Jazz Festival, or work with iconic artists such as: Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown and the Grateful Dead to name just a few. At first this early education amounted to simply moving microphones around on stage, conducting soundchecks and later bringing artists their cassettes at the end of their performance. But all this was soon to change.

After spending years travelling between Montreal and Los Angeles, Ian would eventually make the latter his permanent home in 1998 and a short time later, go on to found his own production company, Modern Entertainment (ME) while still working side by side with his father.

Over the years, Ian continued to develop great relationships with artists, record labels and management teams, engineering, mixing or consulting for various projects and Television performances. Ian has engineered and mixed live broadcasts at some of the largest music festivals on the globe including: Coachella Music Festival (for 15 years), Rock In Rio, Rock Am Ring, Download Festival, Austin City Limits, Summer Sonic and Planeta Atlântida to name a few. He has also been working with punk rock band The Offspring the last 10 years to mix live broadcasts while touring with the band. In addition, Ian has co-engineered the capture of the once in a lifetime Desert Trip Music Festival with his father in 2016.

With a truly impressive list of projects under his belt over the last 25 years, Ian has achieved an extensive amount of expertise, experience, and recognition for his recording, mixing, consulting and producing works. This has earned him several gold and platinum awards as well as recognition from The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Ian highly believes that whether it is a small scale or major production, he insists on the utmost quality and constantly strives to bring a meticulously better sounding experience and production to all projects. Ian’s fascination in capturing moment and his belief that Music is essentially feel and emotion always carry this mindset through his works. Too bring and convey the same chills music and moments captured together as brought upon him through his life of growing up amongst some of the greatest talent in recorded music history.